A B O U T   M E
At Tazz Anderson Photography, the extent of what I can shoot is only limited by imagination.  I am an award winning photographer that has mastered the art of stopping time with shots that portray the true beauty of every image created. With over thirty years of graphic design and advertising  experience as well, my creativity is extensive and can go from mildly simple to wildly unique in the image making process. After three decades of working a graphic design and advertising career of which I intermingled the photography in with  it, I found myself enjoying the photography more and more and didn’t label it as work like I did the graphic design  assignments I was working on. I quickly found photography to be more of a love and passion than a job and something I wanted to do as opposed to something I had to do. Photography became full time six years ago, and I now intermingle the graphic design and advertising in with it for a select few clients. I see much further than an "image through the lens" and would love the opportunity to share this creativity with you, your family, your newborn, and/or your company.  I can capture you in the  style you so desire and need! I offer outdoors, in-studio or on-location for individual/family  portraits, glamour, fashion, artistic, erotic, landscape, architectural,  product, etc. As I do this full time, my schedule is flexible, and I can be  available for you anytime, day or night. I am also a proud member of Model Mayhems' theLIST, which is a list of  veteran photographers dedicated to helping "new" models build their  portfolios.  Current international membership is only about 600. A true professional and expert in his/her field  should have no limits on their capabilities. They also should have no fears or hang-ups in trying new things that maybe they haven’t yet  tried. Art, including in the photography format,  should have no barriers, and each artist,  including a photographer, should have the  ability to adapt accordingly with each individual shoot. With that said, I have not placed myself  within any one style, genre, or format and will  not limit myself to any such inadequacy.  After each session, you will be able to view  your password protected proofs online.